Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Gardening is for the worms

so here is my gardening saga....I was planning on putting in a new flower bed this fall,with 2 hydrangeas, move the five random azaleas in the yard, move all the bulbs i discovered last spring, and plant new bulbs.
First visitors....last fall (our first fall in the house) Ian's parents came and helped in the yard, and my mom came and helped me plant stuff, our friend Paula was here to help rake leaves too. this year nobody cares, they have seen the house, and now they have other houses to visit (i guess). maybe we put them to work too soon.
Second time...last fall i had 2 classes and a job, this year I am taking 2 classes and teaching 2 classes, and working on this silly thesis.
Third tiller....I wanted a tiller (we have a friend with one) so i could plow up a new bed and grind up the old compost pile (its full of roots , the last owner hadn't turned it in 12 years). But my DH kept forgetting to get it, or other plans would arise....needless to say I should have done this weeks ago.

AND NOW we have frost Friggin GREAT

So I have a bag full of bulbs, a yard full of leaves, pots full of hydrangeas, and rock hard ground (well not rock hard yet).

So now here is the plan............................ready...............................i don't know what i am doing.........................This sat I will have the tiller (or one husband I know will be dead). I will till a larger than planned bed, and the compost pile. I will then only plant the bulbs (they are snoozing anyway right?). the hydragea will stay in the garage so as not to freeze in the pot, and the azaleas will stay where they are. The bed I will enrich and insulate with shredded leaves....then in the spring I will plant what I had planed on transplanting this fall.

If you see any problems with my gardening plans please let me know now.
I don't want anybody saying I told you so later.


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather-Your plan sounds fine except I would plant the hydrangeas as well--you can move them later. Mom

Candice said...

Hi -- I haven't visited your website in a while. I have gardening problems too! My husband finally hired a landscaper for me and now I have people who do the raking and weeding and mulching -- and all I am responsible for are the plants! Oh yes, and he planted me some trees this year -- elderberries. They are lovely. Good luck with the garden! Come visit my website again, okay?
Candice (a stitching anthropologist)