Friday, November 05, 2004

Say it ain't so John,

I have never feared a person in power before, at least not beyond my immediate environment.

The re-election of W has put me into a depression of a sort I did not know existed.
I was I am very scared. I am scared for the environment, the endangered species, and earth. I am scared for america, we have never been so hated and I fear the plots against us will increase with that hate. I am scared for my rights as a woman, the supreme court is about to change. I am scared for our government, its been along time since one party has had such complete control over the legislative, executive, and soon the judicial systems. The balance of power is no longer in existance. I am scared for my friends who are gay, who (apparently) will not be tolerated if they want rights. I have never thought of leaving this country....until recently. I fear I will not be rich enough to live here.

I pray, that like a hibernating bear, these four years will pass like a dream. and that all my fears will be for naught.

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Mindy said...

All I can say is... I feel your pain. My only consolation is that he can't run again in 2008.