Monday, November 01, 2004

Post Halloween depression

Ok not really. I will have post fall depression, I love this season. I was warm here this weekend, and I tried to do some lawn stuff but I think the heavy action (making 2 flowerbeds) will be happening this coming Saturday. The leaves are dropping like crazy and I hate that the prospect of raking them all up makes me dislike fall. Ian and I are thinking of renting a chipper shredder to make mulch from all the leaves. What I would really love is that Cyclone Rake. But you need a rider mower to attach it to. Yeah there is a couple thousand I can part with around here some where.... At least the hickorys didn't drop any nuts this year. the acorns have it. It must be a alternate year thing.
I finished the January blocks...and was going to move on the February but the fabric I have is 28 count instead of 32 (which is what I used for January and July). so that is on hold for now. I resumed the christmas Afgan...12 days of christmas by Alma Lynne I'm on 6 Geese a laying

Oh well back to school work

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