Thursday, May 17, 2007

Round robin action

Round robin action
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So I have the border done, and what you see is some progress on the multitude of greens for leaves (you can kinda identify one complete one in the upper left). TW is really not fun, especially when you are pregnant. I really wanted to finish this before the arrival of offspring, but her foot in my ribs maks it very difficult to sit normally for very long, I feel better standing or lying down. I am hoping she drops soon. I have till June 24th to finish this square. anyone want to take out some bets, which will come first? Baby or Robin?

In Baby land. I went to my doctor on tues, found out I am 1 cm dialated, and I got to talk with her a bit, she made me feel much better about the way I want things done. But then I visited my coworker yesterday who had the c-section 2 weeks ago (remember i was totally bummed for her?) And while her little girl is wonderful/cute/ healthy/all that good stuff you say about babies, her full labor story was very worrisome. I can't share it here but I'll just say it reinforced my conviction to avoid most medicaltion/interventions. But I didn't have time to mull it over too long because I met with my doula and got to meet my backup doula yesterday evening. I am so happy I will have someone who know what I want and will be with me the whole time.

Ouch... there is her foot poking me, I have to get up. I'll post more later.

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Jenna said...

That's one heck of an RR piece for you to stitch up! I hope you are able to get it finished before the baby comes. Not too much longer now. :) I'm glad that everything is working out so that you will get the care that you want during the delivery. *hug*