Sunday, May 13, 2007

Week 3 (and some stitching)

Finished bowl
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So here it is the finished project I was talking about. OK so like I was saying this freebie was a heart but I stopped after I did the alphabet because I thought it would make a cute ort box. But then I went to AC Moore and didn't see a box that would work. as I wandered the aisles (you know like one does in any craft store). I saw this cute bowl like thing, in the plain unfinished wood section. I painted it, used a stencil for the little swirly things and polyed it. I attached the stitching to a padded piece of cardboard and put it in the bottom with some double stick tape (in case I ever want to switch it out) . I was worried about the square on a hexagon, but I think I am pretty happy with the results. It now holds my scissors, random threads, and you can stick a needle or two in the padding. Side view:

Side view of bowl
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Week 3 5/12-5/18:

I know you all missed week 4, but trust me I did lots of stuff, including finishing everything on week 5 and cleaning the craft room.

  1. Clean front room.
  2. Strip and refinish front cabinet (it is small).
  3. Sew front wall curtain (I'll explain later).
  4. Thank you cards (yes more).
  5. Cut down manuscript for publication.
  6. Renew parking permit.
  7. Paint baby room trim.
  8. Work on round robin.
  9. Continue scrapbooks (Baby and Disney)
  10. Start organizing class stuff for fall.


Margaret said...

Very cool!!!!! I want one. I've printed out the freebie chart and am perfectly capable of wandering the aisles at AC Moore....

June said...

Congrats on a gorgeous finish - well done!

xsquared said...

That is SOOOO beautiful!!!

Heidi said...

Very nice bowl, you did a great job. :o)

Rebecca said...

Hi, I've just found your blog as I was searching for Cross Stitch Round robins. With baby 3 on the way I've picked up my Cross stitch again, and would love to find out about Round Robins.

London, UK

Cathy said...

I love the finishing. Very clever.

Jenna said...

Awesome job! Very creative and I think it looks fantastic. Well done!

Sharon said...

What a lovely and different finish! congrats.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations it's really beautiful. Ann.

Suz said...

That's so cute! You are wonderfully creative and I love the way that square sits in the hexagon.