Friday, August 12, 2005

The Cabinet...........Is done.

If you are a regular reader you will remember that I mentioned about 2 months ago that Ian and I were redoing an old garage cabinet... We sanded it and Ian bead blasted the drawers a few at a time...and we used rustoleum's Hanmmered brown and silver metalic for the handles. My only regret...No before picture! It now resides in the craft room where it holds all kinds of crafty stuff...the drawers are a roomy 9x15 and about 2 inches in the drawers went model paints, fabric, paint brushes, pencils, floss, oragami paper, stamps, and other random stuff that was taking up lots of space. we then bought the tv dvd player (see on top) to spend more time in the room. It is paying off too. Ill post a picture of what Ian has been working on tomorrow. Hershey plans are solidifing, my mom and sister are joining me for the weekend at CATS in Sept. My mom is a xstitcher...but my sister is not, but assures me she will attend if just to pick out stuff for me to stitch for her. I plan on heading up on thursday and spending the night at a college friends house (Attn Cathy:, My friend and her husband are both Pi Nu's, I was not, I was a Pixie PKX !). What I am really looking forward to is meeting these bloggers who I have read so much about.

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BeckySC said...

Very nice cabinet for your crafty items! :)

I am envious of you getting to meet other bloggers :) What FUN!