Thursday, August 04, 2005

Little house in the Woods

Well I finished and framed Little House in the Woods by HIH (I told you I found the perfect frame) I did use DMC instead of GAST (I'm cheap) . Next in this series will be Little Pumkin in the Patch. I started to rip out and redo Starlight Starbright last night while we watched Castaway (I didn't like it as much as all the hype built it up to be...What WAS in the box???). Ian and I bought a little 14 inch Tv/dvd combo for the craft now I can stitch, sew, play with my beading or scrapbooking stuff, while Ian can sit at his drawing table and work on larger sketches while we watch DVDs at night. Before I was running back and forth between the front room and my stitch stuff...and was limited to what was portable too.

I went to my neighbors Open House (she is a Creative Memories consultant) this past Sunday and bought a powersort box...then pulled ALL my photos out from the attic and organized them! I have about 20 years worth of photos organized by time and place/event. It is a bit overwhelming, but the progress I have made so far has made me feel very good. Next I want to get all the little souviners/invitations/cards together and sorted ...(there are about 3 boxes of that stuff in the attic too.)

As for my Mary Kay Open is turning out pretty well... I got the flyers ready and sent out tuesday. I have already had a call from one person who RSVPed. Woo Hoo!

In other news I have been out in the field this week collecting the last of the aquatic insects needed for my thesis...I will be all done with that next monday! Then the analysis must start. School starts on the 15th but I am not taking any classes...Just teaching and finishing my thesis....


BeckySC said...

That frame is perfect :) It looks great :) Good job :)
I have the Little House and Little Pumpkin too :)

Lee said...


Vero M said...

This is just so Cute.
Vero from France