Thursday, August 25, 2005

Little Pumpkin in a patch HIH

All done. I used all the dmc conversions except on the pumpkin it called for a wierd burgandy color or WDW cinnamon. I instead went to my overdyed floss stash and pulled out WDW carrot. that seemed more orange and natural to me. the photo is a bit washed out but you get the idea.

Didn't stitch at all last night Ian and I went to the gym....I hate the gym, ok not hate, dislike very very much. And its not just the gym I dislike exercize too...I think I was born without these endorphins every one talks about.

Oh and I trashed my photo over there cause I was bugging me ....Maybe Ill put another up someday.


cathymk said...

You're changes are lovely! It's a very cute design.

Cathy said...

This is a really cute project!

bunnyhead said...

I used to hate the gym too. I started trying different types of classes until I found some that were fun with motivating instructers. I love kick-boxing and step and look forward to those classes every week. A lot of people like yoga. For me just doing the treadmill is boring, I have to have that instructer yelling at me to move.

Love the pumpkin!