Monday, August 15, 2005

And by tomorrow I mean Monday :0

Here is Ian's pencil sketch of the plane, and he thinks he isn't very good...heh, well at least he signed this one...usually he has to be forced to sign any of his work. Ian's dad was and artist and a woodworker, and his grand father liked to tinker with cars....Ian got all these interests so I end up with a very talented (yet frustrated) husband with too many hobbies he wants to do and not enough time or $$ to do it.

Meanwhile I realize the count down has started. I have 3.5 months to whip up a thesis. I have told EVERYONE that I graduate in Dec but now I am nervous it might not get done. Aggh.

In crosstitch land I have too many projects going on at once. I started 3 this weekend! one for my fall exchange (its a badly kept secret), Little Pumkin in the Patch by HIH, and the Sept Flip it. none of them should take long to do...But you would think I had enough to do already.

and My Mary Kay open house is this thursday....I have to start calling those who have not RSVPed, to see who intends to come (that is 24 phone calls....and I hate being on the phone!)

Finally to top of this Monday...I just recieved a phone call from my sister telling me my stepfather is in the hospital with a bleeding ulcer (which they think he had for days and told no one). Send your energy to stepfather and my mom will need it.

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