Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A good weekend

Yes yes I know it is Wed...but this is the first opportunity I have had to blog this week.
So this past Sat Ian and I went dancing...see I was feeling a bit depressed lately and I determined that one reason was that Ian and I don't go out anymore...several reasons but the biggest is that there is no where to go for couples in greensboro besides a resturant (and we have tonnnnns of those). all the bars/clubs are smoky, expensive, loud, and crowded, and if you want a live band you can't find one where there is room to dance (and I mean dance with a breathable airpocket around you) See in Savannah (where we met) there was lots of places with bands and dance floors with minimum $$ exchanging hands. Sooo long story short (too late) I did a search on the internet and found this. It ends up that they were having a dance this past Sat at the Shrine Club. Which I took to be all a good omen cause 1) we live within walking distance of the club 2) we had our wedding reception in a shrine club and 3) I found out about it a week before time not a week later as is usually my luck. Well I knew that this was either going to be great or suck big time (the former prevailed). We got beginning lesson on Jitterbug before the dance, and the music was all swing and bigband, and there was lots of space! Ian and I are now talking about taking lessons on Mon night but $$ is tight now so we shall see.

Jump to Mon (nothing happened Sun trust me) Ian and I had planned on taking the day off and going to Raleigh to see The CSI exibit at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences We headed out and enjoyed a day at a museum that was pretty much empty (no school groups since school has just started). After wards eat at the Mellow Mushroom (I had heard great things about it) and then went and watched some of Ians friends play a game of rollerhockey (they are the Crimson tide) and when I say friends there are 4 (four) of these guys that Ian went to school with up in NY and now they all live and work in Raleigh and all play on the same roller hocky team...any who they won 9 to 4 and We had a few drinks afterwards and went home arriving just at midnight.

Well today Ian is off to the beach with a few guys from work...they got some time in a timeshare that another co worker couldn't use. So maybe I can get something done around here (haha).

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