Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Im Baaaacccccckkkkk

Well....Lettsee I last wrote to you all on thursday the 14th. Since then I have been to court, seen all my immediate family, and have traveled 1200 miles.

Let me break it down for you without boring you to death. Thursday night we go out to meet our friends for dinner and get a call from another friend who says she is leaving her husband and called the police and needs a place to stay. (We have been expecting this call for a while). So the next day she calls me frantic saying she has to be in court to get the restraining order but they will not let the baby in...so I head downtown (only 2 miles away from school) to look after her daughter while she is in court...I was holding this baby for so long (4 hours) that my arms were sore the next day. That evening we all had a Pow -wow with all the people in the know about the situation and we discussed how we were going to proceed (this abuse situation is stitckier than most cause all our husbands work together!).
My mom and my stepdad arrived the next day Sat and stayed till tuesday morning....the whole time we are dealing with the aformentioned problem, but managed a good visit with the rents and mom got to go flying with Ian.
Tuesday morning my mom and stepdad head off to the coast and Ian and I head up north with doggie...glad to leave troubles behind. We arrive in New Paltz, NY to stay with his parents 11 hours later (traffic in DC and more stops than usual for the dog). During our stay, 5 days 5 nights, we visited 2 grand parents, a great aunt, a great uncle, and 11 friends (in 5 different locations) . Max was a trooper, he ajusted well to traveling in the truck, meeting new people, and to visiting different places. On the way home yesterday we visited my grandpa and a friend in NJ so our trip was longer (with hitting the DC to Richmond traffic at 5 pm ) 14 hours in total.

In cross stitching I finished my August Flip it, and Little house in the Woods by HIH. I also go t to have great S.E.X. (Stash Enhancing eXperience) at the Deer Farm Cross stitch Shop in Hyde Park NY...I highly recommend it...she has everything! I got the Mothers tree by L&L , Jig of the Lady bug , Signs of Spring, Signs of Winter, Signs of Summer, Animal Arches all by Bent Creek, Britty Kitties III by Brittercup Designs, and The Country Seasons by Prarie Schooler.

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