Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Holiday weekend---Pretty good:)

The BBQ was a sucess. I had cleaned for most of the weekend and bought all of the food. Monday Ian and I straightened up and got the last few things for a rocking party haha.
We had 16 people show altogether...over the course of the evening...It poured around 6 when we were just finishing up the grilling...but then cleared up after about 45 min. I even had enough dry wood to have a fire and we did smores. I ended up with a ton of food left over. Pasta salad,potato salad, banana bread, 2 cheesecakes, 14 burgers, several packs of hot dogs, 18-20 hot italian sausages..assorted buns, and enough smores makings for the next 2 summers. The only conclusion I have is that we need more friends

I was able to perfect my mint julep recipe. I had my first in New Orleans a month ago and I have been working on it for about two weeks trying in vain to replicate it. I went all over the internet and through all my bartending books. I finally settled on this one. I made the syrup a few days ago. But modified the mix to a 4 count pour of kentucky bourbon (thats about 2 ounces) and a 6 count pour of the syrup (way more than a tablespoon). Sweet but smooth and screw any one who trys the muddling technique. Everyone loved it. I have plenty of syrup left to dring mint juleps for the rest of the summer. Strange thing is...the mint juleps in New Orleans were clear...now where do you find clear bourbon?

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