Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Starlight Starbright

Here is my work so far on Waxing Moon's Starlight starbright. The Waiting for Santa below (see previous post) was originally for my sister but that was done in 2000! Now that I found the frame I really want to keep it, soooo she may get this one instead. Whatcha think Liz?

Anywho nothing exciting going on today...need to head over to the library and photocopy some papers....my advisor is coming back from Alaska tomorrow and I have to have something to tell her. She doesn't know that I am heading off to NY next week for a short trip to my inlaws house ...it was kinda a last minute decision.

I finished a baby sampler for my friends new baby and I plan on framing and posting a picture tomorrow.

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Lee said...

Wow - EXCELLENT frame finds!