Thursday, July 07, 2005

Cage Rattler

When I walk Max around the neighborhood there is a black dog that does not bark at us but instead rises it self up onto its back legs and shakes the chain link fence gate with his front paws...I have taken to calling him the Cage Rattler (sounds like a good WWF name eh?).

I have been restless all week...feel like i am in a cage too, I haven't stitched a single cross, maybe because I am more upset than i thought at losing my birds. I have read 2 books in the past 3 days (and I haven't read any novels in months) both by Orson Scott Card. He is my favorite author (and lives here in Greensboro too) and for some reason every once in a while his stories get stuck in my head, like a favorite scene in a movie....I reread Treason (for the third or fouth time) and Songmaster (second time) . And I am fighting the urge to re read Enchantment and Lovelock....I love his stand alone stories...although the series books are fabulous, it is satisfying to finish a book and not have to worry about reading the next before your memory forgets the first one. Everytime a new Ender or Alvin book comes out I have to reread the first 4-8 books...True with Harry Potter too...I will at least have to re read the fifth book by the time i get my hands on the sixth.. I am rambling but are you getting the feel of my nervous twitch....I feel like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop...not that the first one ever did. The sky is falling.

We saw War of the Worlds a few days ago and it was better than I had feared but not a classic ...I won't be running out to buy it. I have mixed feelings about Tom (Wil thinks he sucks) and Dakota is getting soooooooo many movies lately you would think she is the only girl in hollywood. but at least she plays it real....I forget she is an actor .

Oh I hired Design-a-Blog to redo this bad boy so keep your eyes on this space.

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