Monday, July 11, 2005

One year older...

Yesterday was my 31st birthday.....but lets recap the entire weekend
Saturday I went out shopping for frames, since I havent been stitching much lately I have felt the urge to at least finish a few of my 20+ finished Xstiches. I didn't want to spend too much $$ so I hit the thrift and Goodwill stores first. ($4 for 4 frames!) I found the perfect frames for Bent Creek's Waiting for Santa, the Gud Huswife freebie sampler, a frame to remount a sampler I had on sticky board, and a PERFECT frame for HIH Little House in the Woods. To go with Little house in the woods there is also similar themed Angel in the Clouds, Pumpkin in the patch and Snowman in the drifts...I am thinking of hanging the frame in my kitchen and rotating all 4 them thru out the year. Now I am inspired to stitch them all.

So What to do when you don't feel like stitching your WIP's......Start more projects Yeah! I started a Leo Cattitudes (Margaret Sherry) for a friend whose birthday is coming up soon and Waxing Moon's Starlight Starbright. It was kitted and ready to go....

Saturday night we went out to Fire and Sticks, a hibachi place to celebrate a friend's son's birthday (and mine too). Then Ian and I went home and watched Somethings Gotta Give. It was funnier than we thought it was going to be.

Sunday I went out to lunch with them and helped my friends drop their kids off at the Y camp down the street. I got a David Yurman bracelet from Ian, and some earrings from my MIL, and I got some stash from my friend ....the aformentioned Little snowman in the drifts, Trilogy's Dog Treats, Crossed Wings Mitten Games, and Bent Creek Dancing Bumblebee.

Overall an Ok weekend

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Kiwi Jo said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday. Good score on the frames!