Monday, March 12, 2007

Roly Poly Snowman

Roly Poly Snowman
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What?? Well it is not to far outside the realm for those of you still dealing with winter, But here in good old NC I am now able to walk the dog without a coat on. we might have a cold patch still to come, but by the end of the month it is pretty much a garanteed spring. The early daffodils are all blooming now. So for me it is a bit late (or early) for christmas ornaments, but he was halfway done, So when I finally got my hands on some more GAST I was able to finish him up. He was in one of the JCS mags (05?) by Bent Creek.

Currently I am working on a couple of baby shower gifts for friends, one in NJ, one here, both in 2 weeks so I'll post those when I am all done.

To answer your question Anna, the floor was in excellent shape, it just had som black marks from the carpet glue? All we had to do was sand the whole floor (using a hand sander 220 grit) and Polyurethaned (Minwax) with 4 coats. (sanding between each coat with 400 grit) I highly recommend using a lambswool applicator (it screws on to any broom handle) . The process was very easy with the room being empty.

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xsquared said...

I just started stitching this snowman! He's intended as an ornament for my brother and his wife, but if he comes out really cute, I may keep him for myself and stitch something else for them ;) I'm using DMC for the snow parts, and GAST for the rest.