Monday, July 23, 2007


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Harry Potter is here. I picked it up Sat at 9am and finished it Sunday at 12 noon. And I did not skim it either. How, you may ask? Well I read while A. was feeding and sleeping (you only need 1 hand). Beyond that I have always been a fast reader, I can do 350+ pages a day on a worthy book. Wish I could stitch with one hand....sigh.

Yes I was happy with it, sure you could find fault in sections (as alot of folks are wont to do), But really I feel lucky that JKRowling commited to finish the series, and wrapped everything up (I hate open endings in books or in movies, give me closure anyday) and am happy with the over all series (#2 is still my least favorite).


Cathy said...

She's such a cutie-patootie. Chamber of Secrets is my least favorite as well, and Prisoner of Azkaban is still my favorite.

Sharon said...

What a sweet smile.

BLGH said...

A is more beautiful each picture.