Thursday, August 23, 2007

Where have I been?

Short answer: Montreal/work/pumping/not stitching
Long Answer:
I headed out to Montreal last thursday for a total of 48 hours to present my thesis (for the last time I hope) at the SIL conference. The good news is that this will enable my thesis to be published in their proceedings (a 3 volume set that is put out every three years). I also found out while there that the 2 people who will review my paper are 2 of the most noted researchers in my field...that is better than random reviewers at any old journal. I was worried more about finding places to pump while I was gone than about A. (my mom came to care for her) or even about my presentation. But it ended up being ok, I only had to pump once in a bathroom at the airport. Mostly I was able to wait till I got to the hotel room, or used an inactive room at the conference center (Which is HUGE, bigger than New Orleans). I ate 3 fabulous meals while there and only got to see a bit of Chinatown and Old Montreal. Some day I wouldn't mind going back and seeing more.

School started this week and no problems there (I am teaching the same classes I did last fall, so minimal prep). A. spent her first day at Daycare yesterday (she and I did OK thank you) However she drank 12 oz in 7 hours. This has produced quite a bit of worry from me since I only produced 8 oz, I had to break out 2 bags of frozen milk to send her with 17 oz today for 10 hours. If she drinks it all I will definately have issues keeping up. I had built up a decent supply of frozen milk over the past 2 months but alot of it was used while I was in Montreal (40 oz) I am currently tring to figure out how much effort to put into keeping her on pure breast milk (take supplements/try to pump more -ha when?), or to ease off of the pressure I will put on myself and just mix the expressed milk I can pump with formula. I have about 20 oz frozen left to figure that decision out.

As for cross stitch I am working on something small right now, but I only have about 30 min a night. After putting A. to bed and preparing all the stuff for me and her, I head to bed early so I can get up early and not be dragging ass in the am...and my kitchen floor is still filthy. You all will have to forgive me but I have stopped reading your stitching blogs....seeing all your stitching just depresses me right now cause I want to do more, and I have all these ideas.....

OH I forgot the good news--as of Sat (11 weeks), A. is sleeping through the night 9pm-7am. She has discovered her feet and will watch them for 15 minutes at a time. Although she sucks her thumb(s) to soothe herself, she has yet to "find" her hands.
I will post some more pictures soon, just haven't had the time


Emilie said...

Glad to hear that things are going well with you and A. I started work 2 weeks ago. I'm pumping at lunch just to help with production - B gets formula during the day as I'd never be able to keep up. I'm taking fenugreek and blessed thistle and they seem to be helping a lot to keep my supply up. I have to give her two half bottles on the weekend but otherwise am able to adjust to not nursing her during the weekdays
good luck

Bellastitch said...

I am so jealous of you! Ayame is 3 months old already and still does not sleep through the night. A good night would be sleep from midnight to 5 or 6 am, if I'm lucky. What's the trick?

Jenna said...

Wow, she is sleeping through the night already? You are so lucky!