Friday, January 20, 2006

A vasospasm? Sounds sexual...

Seek and ye shall find....on the internet (a follow up to yesterdays post)
my thoughts in green

"Ophthalmic migraine is quite common. Patients usually experience visual symptoms of seeing bright zig-zag type lines in their central or peripheral (side) vision. Yep that what I saw. These bright lines may have associated flashing light sensations Exactly! and sometimes can interfere with vision. Hence the unable to stitch part... There are many variations of symptoms. These symptoms usually resolve spontaneously after several minutes but usually less than one hour. Often, rest in a darkened room can be helpful during a migraine attack. Medical treatment isusually not necessary." Sweet.
"Sometimes, there can be a headache after the visual symptoms resolve. Ummmm no This is called migraine headache with visual prodrome. Some people get migraine headaches without the visual symptoms. like my sister Some people get the visual symptoms without the headache. This is called Ophthalmic Migraine. The cause is due to a temporary spasm in the blood vessels behind the eye called "vasospasm" sounds sexual similar to a spasm or cramp that you may have once experienced in one of your leg muscles (Charlie-Horse). I would hazard that this could be brought on my strenous exercise eh? Usually, this resolves without treatment and many people never have another episode. well i know i have had 2 before Some people may continue to have them. oh An examination of the eye is important to rule out any other causes for these symptoms." ok. ok, I might mention it at my next exam.

And that is your science lesson for the day.

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Old Yankee Stitcher said...

I freaked out the first time I had that happen. Nice you don't get the migraine. I am not that lucky.
Thanks for the info. CJ