Friday, January 06, 2006

1st WIP done in 2006

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Here is that quilt square I was talking about. See the green guy should be moved about 2 squares to the right. Sigh, well that is what I get for not charting the thing. These are from a old Just Cross Stitch mag...there was a chart of about 10 butterflies..and I pulled 4 that were similar in size, and threw them down. Now I just have to iron it and send it to the quilt assembler.

I haven't stitched on Aida since the PS village sampler last year and I really dislike the stiffness of it.

I got started immediately on the next WIP which is the towel that I was trying to do two sided (remember that one loyal blog readers?). I have abandoned that idea due to some advanced confetti stitching that I didn't take into account origionally so now it shouldn't need more than another 4-6 hours to finish...there is alot of back stitching.

And finally, If this weekend you find my blog missing and/or is cause I am reformatting it, back to a blogger template. I know I paid for this lovely looking blog but I have 2 main issues now, 1) I feel that it is difficult to read and 2) I have hell of a time making any changes to anything , and don't want to pay another $25 to change it again. I wish I knew a computer genius but I am the best i got. I've been learning by trial and error since 92. maybe Ill buy a html book or something.


Singular Stitches said...

I think the butterflies look fantastic! I wouldn't have noticed the green one had you not written it in your blog - but I totally understand from the stitcher's point of view.

Very pretty work!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

The butterflies are great and I know what you mean about the computer. I learned the hard way that changing templates causes you to lose all the links you work so hard to insert.

Suz said...

I love the butterflies!