Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I would hug you...but I can't move my arms

I have known for a while now that if i don't have a job by the summer I may be going to Alaska to do some work for my advisor. And when I mean work I mean hiking-miles-carrying-heavy-equipment-and-quarts-of-water-samples-for-18-hours-every-day work. Scientists like to call this summer fun extravaganza 'Field season', but to tell you the truth they aren't out there, they send their grad students and other lab monkeys. Short story is, if i do go (chance 80%) I will get my ass handed to me, cause i have not been "working out" for 3 years. The solution is to get in shape...starting now. So I, in my infinite wisdom, have put my training into my husbands hands, cause I know I will slack off with out a trainer and can't afford one without an emotional connection to my looking "stacked". So monday was my first day and we did upper body. Hence the title......Tonight it is lower body...dear lord help me.

I could however move my wrists enough mon night to stitch and worked on Snowman in the Drifts till i got bored with the white, and then the ornament till I ran out of the color i need, and then Santa till it was time to sleep.
I went to pick up my missing color for the ornament yesterday(BTW it is Three ships by Fancy Work)I got 3826 and got home i realized i needed 3829. CRAP. since tonight is workout night I will have to go get the correct color tomorrow.

I am dying to get my Garden exchange from the SBEBB...I think Ian is scared as I hit him everyday with "What came in the mail?" instead of "Hi honey" . As far as I know my reciever has not gotten hers yet either.

Jenna and Anna, you are totally right about fixing the h's on the name plate, I swear I thought of it, but dismissed it out of hand. I shall review what needs to be done to fix it and maybe do it without too much whining.


Old Yankee Stitcher said...

ROFL So instead of just suffering this summer you are going to suffer now at the hand of your DH and again this summer. No sorry you are right to prepare. Just the unmoving arms that struck me as funny. Will you be walking tomorrow? Good luck, CJ

Anna van Schurman said...

On my honeymoon in Alaska, we had an insane guide who hiked us into a cabin that the US Forestry Service considers "air access only" (we had to carry the canoe on our backs). The good thing about hiking in places like that is it's slow going because there's just so much vegetation. I had been working out to fit in the wedding dress, but not-can't-move-my-arms serious.

The other great thing about Alaska, it's just so amazing. You won't even care if you can't move your arms. I'm so jealous. I wan't to be a science monkey.