Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Stitching along

Well, as for my previous dilemma...I think you all are right and I will do Little Snowman in the Drifts on 36 count. I determined his exact size on a design size calculator and I think it will work out well. I thought about shortening him by 6 squares, but I would rather have him whole as the designer intended. Same treatment for Little Angel in the Clouds (she is to big by 4 squares). Problem is I don't have any 36 ct fabric so it will have to wait till the weekend when I can go pick some up, or if my LNS doesn't have any I'll have to order it.

In the meantime I have been working on WIP#4 which is a gift for a friend that has been on hold. It is another small one but I can't show it here.

As for the pet saga...Max (dog) went to the vet monday and is in good health, there was no damage to his eyes that she could see, but there was probably a infection due to the discharge, so we were sent home with some ointment. The vet said that it might not be Sam (cat) causing the allergic reaction but the christmas tree! Although Max avoided the tree initially Sam did not and may have exposed Max to the pine sap/oil. Either way Max's eyes are 100% better now and we are hoping it was the tree...althought that could put a damper on future trees. Sam is really getting rambunctious and starting to bite harder. We will have to schedule the neutering soon, meanwhile...where did I put that spray bottle?

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