Monday, January 23, 2006


Steelers rule! did we kick some bronco butt or what! Holy crap I don't think I have ever seen those boys play so aggressive. Now lets all pray that the Superbowl is anything but a repeat of XXX where the cowboys (booo hisss) kicked our butts.

Meanwhile, I finished WIP #7, I Saw Three Ships ornament, and #4 Snowman in the Drifts. Unfortunately, my computer is not recognizing my camera today so I have no photos for you. I was working on the bear in the Santa of the Forest during the Steelers game, but got bored with all the browns, and set up View to a Spring Garden to work on again for about an hour last night. I think I will be alternating these for the final week of the month.

So this means...ahem, I have only 2 WIPs and they are medium to big sized (for me). It is getting tough now though I have about 7 projects kitted up and waiting for me. but if I do what I plan to do in may be another month before any of them see a stitch. Stay tuned


Anna van Schurman said...

I'm working on I Saw Three Ships. Just started this morning! I'm looking forward to seeing yours!

Singular Stitches said...

Go, Stillers! Pixburg's goawn to deh Superbohwl, en 'at! (Pittsburghese from a girl from the 'burgh!)