Friday, January 27, 2006

A Photo a Day keeps the Blog Readers (and commenters) Happy

I am also spreading them out cause it is a pain to put more than one picture in one blog entry. Anywho, here is I Saw Three Ships by Fancy Work from the 2004 JCS ornament issue. I had some trouble with my initials cause when I did HMR it ended up looking too big, like it was the next word. so I took out the M, and added another wave just for the halibut. I know it is no longer the season but I have to mention that this is my favorite christmas carol (along with Carol of the Bells). One of the main reasons that i like it (besides the fact that it has a rocking beat and you can dance to it) is that it is one of the few that is not played to death. I think I will wait to finish this in to a full fledged ornament till later this year.
I have Heaven and Nature Sing by Fancy Work from this year's magazine already kitted up but it will have to wait a while.

I have been working on Santa of the Forest and View to a Spring Garden consistantly. I will have to start stitching on my St. Patty Day exchange soon...maybe this weekend. I only have 1 month to do it, which is shorter than usual for an exchange.


Suz said...

Oh pretty pretty! I like that one a lot (well done)

zoeandcooper said...

What a great ornament. You did a lovely job! How do plan on finishing it?

Nicki said...

I stitched this one last Christmas for my mum and dad! It's lovely isn't it?

Anna van Schurman said...

This ornament is going to be my next finish! I'm working on it as I commute to and from work.