Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Snowman in the drifts

Here is is all pressed and waiting for ....hmm I don't know a frame that fits!!. While I was stitching I notices that the pattern and the picture differed by a bird. Note here the bird sitting on the scarf (yes the scarf...blowing in the wind, that is a strong bird). Yet in the pattern he is not here. I guess the model stitcher took some extra creative license. I ordered the 36ct linen to redo this frosty gentleman yesterday online. I HATE ordering fabric online...cause I had to guess the difference between flax, sand, and light sand....the pictures were no help. I hope i guessed correctly. When it arrives I think I will do Angel in the Clouds before redoing the snowman again. just to break things up a bit. Oh and I also ordered The Littles- Bunny- BC and Lavender Hill by Little House Needleworks.

Now, Let's talk Theresa Wentzler: See years ago I saw a lady's finished floral bellpull by TW and I observed that the work while beautiful was obviously for only the very crazy or the very talented. A fact confirmed by the stitcher of the bellpull swearing off TW for life. I very much admire those who stitch her designs (both for their craziness and talent) and luckily for me I have not ever seen one of her designs I HAD to have. I got my Nordic Needle catalog yesterday saw a TW design that i like (damn it). I like the sampler style, it looks smaller and doable...on to the wishlist it goes.


Old Yankee Stitcher said...

I agree Tropical Dreams is a real design change for TW but I like it a lot. CJ

Lee said...

Love the snowman. Great job!

cathymk said...

I've seen it stitched up real fast too (Tropical dream) in comparison to some of the other TWs.

The redwork alphabet in my blog is a kit I bought in Paris in 2002. I had stitched one letter and let it become UFO. This year I am attempting to do 2 letters a month and actually finish it.

Jenna said...

That TW sampler caught my eyes, as well. I've been sucked in enough to buy several of her designs, but haven't had the guts to actually stitch any! :)