Monday, January 09, 2006

Christmas is over

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Hello all, How do you like the new design? I think it is much cleaner, and easier to read. I like the script to the left rather than on the right. All the pretty extras are gone and the links were erased, I will slowly bring some of that stuff back as I figure it out.

I cleaned and put all the christmas stuff away yesterday... now everything looks normal again, and boring.

Here is my second WIP of the year, I finished my towel on Saturday. I did finish it from end to end so here you are only seeing 6 of the 13 snowflake motifs I did. It matched my bathroom nicely.
My third WIP was supposed to be a scissor fob freebie by the Drawn Thread but I didn't like how big it was going to be (over 2 on 32), So I thought no problem I'll do it over one on 25 ct. and it will be small, right? Wrong it ended up looking really stupid due to some speciality stitches that didn't come out well, so instead of throwing it out, I was able to redo it over 2 on the 25ct, and I will make it an ornament. I worked on it yesterday and just have to sew it up to be done.

WIP #4 is Little snowman in the drifts...and here I have to vent LOUDLY. OK so I have all 4 of the "Little" wee ones from HIH. ALL 4 were listed as approx. design size of 4.5 by 2.25 inches (note the approximate notation...this is important later) I have done Pumpkin in the patch and Cabin in the woods, and have the perfect frame for them (the opening is about 2.5 by 5 , I found it at a thrift store, do you know how rare that is?) Perfect, now I can swap all four throughout the year depending on season. well I am looking at my snowman and he seems a bit big,so I check my fabric yep it is 32 ct. so i check his height he is 2.75 inches tall. Gak it won't fit in my frame now! I check the finished designs I have already done yep they are 2.25 inches tall. Finally I look at the stitch count the other 3 are all 36 stitches while Mr. Snowman is 42 stiches. While I realize this is only 6 stitches difference it means .5 inches which throws my whole frame swapping plan off. I was so mad I didn't even look at the width but I have a feeling it will be too big too. So now I can 1) finish it as is and it will look like crap in the frame or 2) re adjust the pattern eliminating 6 rows and god knows how many columns, rip and redo the stitching so it will fit but still look like crap. hmmm. I love choosing between crap.


Suz said...

Congrats on the second finish!

I'm going to be futzing with my template too. Oh joys, I hope I don't lose everything.

Jenna said...

You don't have to choose between crap. How about you finish the existing snowman, turn it into an ornament and give it to someone next Christmas? Then, redo the snowman on 40 ct fabric to make it fit in the frame? :D 36 ct won't quite cut it, but you could use it and try to fudge the design a little bit.

Hope that helps? BTW, sorry to hear you had to take your blog back to the standard templates, but it looks nice and clean!

Anonymous said...

I had the same idea as Jenna. Redo the snowman on a higher count to make it fit the frame, or just for this one, buy one extra frame that is slightly larger. Ann.