Thursday, October 20, 2005

Flip It Oct

Flip It Oct
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Here it is. the slip stitching on the bottom is a bit loose, I have to go back and fix that. I just started tha November one last night. I know I am falling behind...but with only 2 left in the series I am looking forward to finishing them by the end of the year.

I need to get my lottery entry started and finished (due by Nov 15)for the SBBB. I started something but now I think I want to keep it for myself. that is the one issue I have with exchanges, once I put in the time and I really like it I don't want to give it away. But I guess it helps that I get one that was probably just as hard for that stitcher to give up.

I feel like I haven't seen my husband all big time. He had friends over on Mon night to play xbox, went to play hockey on tues night(i went with to watch), yesterday he went canoeing up in the mountains. he left before I got up and didn't arrive home till I was asleep, and tonight he is going straight to another hockey game (a double header) so I won't see him till 10pm. I told him if he makes any plans for fri evening I will kill him.

Originally uploaded by Stitching scientist.

After hearing about Beckys horrible email I decided i will fix up this little cross stitch that I did in Jan into a little ornament to send her. I hope I never get a comment or email that nasty directed to me or my blog.

And to end on a positive note......

What Reject Sith Are You?

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Cathy said...

I love how you finished the October Flip-It. The colors all look so great together.
I'm sure Becky will love that stitched project. I'm putting a little something for her into the mail today, as well.