Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Back from NJ/PA

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Hello all, I have just returned from a weeks worth of funeral, cleaning out a house, and driving over 1000 miles to get everything where it needed to be.

Everyone was able to come for at least a day. The viewing and funeral went well. The dividing and sorting of house treasures/antiques/memories went without any blood. (we had a plan worked out for a long time). Ian and I had to rent a Uhaul trailer to get my/my mom/and my sisters stuff out of there cause the house was going on sale by Saturday. So we towed the stuff to PGH to unload my sisters and moms stuff . Then we left and arrived home yesterday.

I ended up with a Dining room table and 4 chairs, a dresser, a coffee table, 3 end tables, a sewing table (with a sewing machine it it!) a gun rack, a bookcase, a hutch and a dressing table. (the last 2 are currently in storage at moms till i get a bigger house. I also got several wedgewood pieces (in storage till the hutch has a place), and a bunch of kitchen supplies.

Lots to clean up and move around. It was good to see all my may be along time (or never) before we all get together again.

Lastly...I noticed no one wants to comment anymore. I had to initiate to word id program cause I was starting to get mega spam. Please don't let it scare you, I love your comments. 9lets me know you are still listening.

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