Friday, October 14, 2005

Fall exchange

Fall exchange
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Here is my Fall exchange piece recieved from Aniza in Malaysia. The pic is a bit dark (I need a better camera). But the pattern is a La Broderie freebie designed for Needle Necessities. The fabric is a Malasian batik print. She also included a skein of floss that she overdyed herself. I think I might have the perfect pattern for it...but it will be a while befor i can use it with chistmas arriving soon.

The fall exchange peice I did is in the mail and I will post that picture as soon as Nicki recieves it *waving to New Zealand*


Nicki said...

*waving back* LOL!!

I'll be stalking the poor postie Heather :-)

Love the exchange piece you received by the way.

Lee said...

Lucky duck! It's lovely.

Barbara said...

What a yummy exchange gift!!