Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Shot Glass rack

Shot Glass rack
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Back in my younger years when I was in college, I started to collect shotglasses from where ever I had been. I can't remember the oldest one...maybe the one from Stone Harbor NJ where I worked during the summer of 94. But ever since my souvenir of choice where ever I go is a shotglass. It must be a place where I have stayed overnight at least and have a unique quality to it (not just say "Spring Break Rules" or whatever). Some time in 2000 I started to run out of room on a tiny 2 shelf rack i bought, and when we moved into our new house My father in law said he would make us a rack for them all. This was 2 years ago...almost to the month. The rack is made of cherry wood.

The glasses have been waiting patiently in the attic for a long time. We have 48 from places we have been (my original rule of collection) and 63 altogether (the rack can hold 120 if crowded) the other 15 are gifts from friends and family that are either random or from places they have been.

This rule also lead itself to the unique toast Ian and I had at our wedding...a shotglass was our favor for all the guests and we all did Jagermeister, I think Ian's grandma did 2. (I don't like champane, and this liquor is significant in our dating story). Which reminds me I have to dig out an extra glass for the rack from the attic. Total Glasses= 64

Any questions?


Anonymous said...

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Nanette said...

Shotglasses are a good souvenir because you see them everywhere you travel!

Also, I've wondered before if Mellow Mushroom is a chain... does yours have local paintings on the walls too?

Lee said...

You have a Kennywood shot glass! How very, very cool!! I don't suppose the Stone Harbor s.g. is from Fred's? My parents still have a house on 99th St.

I always get a kick when I read your blog!