Monday, September 19, 2005

I can't believe people read my blog.

This must mean I am on someones favorites list! Ha. I got 5 comments in 16 hours (okok one was spam but still, I think its cool.) And Patti, We actually didn't find a USB or buy one, the camera came with a mouse that can read the memory card...and Ian hooked it up so I could post the pics. Ill see you in Hershey too!!

I am excited to head up to Hershey in less than 3 days! I get to see my roomate from college and spend the weekend withe my mom and sister...surrounded by cross stitch... woo hoo, I need a break.

In the thesis department I am trying to finish up the lab work portion of my stuff, that has meant identifing chironomids (midges). For those of you who are not aquatic ecologists, in order to id these guys you have to mount them on a slide and squash their heads to get them down to genus and species. see pictures similar to what I have been looking at for the past 2 weeks here . In the mean time I am debating on if I can really finish by Dec. I am trying to cover my butt and get a TA lined up for next semester if I don't finish. And it is looking like if I do finish, I wont have time to find a job by Jan.
I am hoping to start my Results section by the beginning of Oct , and to give you an idea of how behind i am ,the other 2 grad students in my lab who plan on graduating in Dec have already turned in their results.


Christine said...

As someone who just finished her master's (Materials Engineering) I can say that it will eventually all come together! Good luck with getting your paper written. I know what a challenge it is.

Anonymous said...
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