Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Last week:
Which way do you stitch (/// and then \\\ or \\\ and then ///)? Can you (or if you haven’t done it before, do you think you could) change the way that you stitch temporarily if it is asked of you?

I stitch both ways....I know it seems confusing, but I remember my mom teaching me that it didn't matter if it was right over left or vice versa as long as you are consistant in the entire piece. You can see in my earlier work both types would appear. Now Ill start a piece (usually it is /// then\\\ ) and just continue the way I started through out. But even now (Yesterday!) I'll catch myself sometimes reversing it for a few stitches then I rip it and redo.

This week:
Do you stitch for events like weddings, engagements, or other things that might not last? If you have been unlucky and the two people broke up, what happened toyour stitched gift?

So far I have only stitched one wedding piece and it wasn't very big....And if they break up Ill steal it back cause the framing was so damn expensive ;) LOL . No I mostly do baby samplers now (3 so far), there is no undoing a birth.

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