Sunday, September 25, 2005

Hershey Report (Thursday and Friday)

Andrea and Trevor
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So I drove up on thursday and arrived In Lancaster around 3:30...since I had about 2 hours before my friend got home, I stopped by Millersville U (My alma mater) bought a new tshirt, and toured the new science building, I was also able to talk to one of my old profs (who remembered me!, its been 9 years!). I then went to meet my friend at her house. Here is a fabulous pic of her and her son (he is about 16 months) sorry for the bad color...we were in a mall elevator!
The next day (Friday) We drove in to Hershey, my friend went to work (she teaches there) and I scoped out the town. I found the hotel and the conference center...but had to wait till 10 when they let the plebs in (members got in at 9) I wandered and shopped about till 1 when my mom and sister arrived. We went and had lunch then went back in to the mart to finish shopping. Around 3 I gave up looking for my fellow bloggers and tried to call Cathy (phone # no good) then Jo ..she was there and we met up I met Pete, Patti, and Nancy but eventually had to meet up with mom again. Jo gave me the Halloween exchange there. Isn't it great!

I found Jo and told her to give me a call of she found Cathy or did anything that evening...and maybe we could join up. Unfortunatly we were staying in the Holiday inn Express down the street while all of my fellow bloggers were hanging out in the Lodge (where the festival was), So I guess I was out of sight out of mind. After we left, Liz (my sister) and my mom and I ended up heading out to dinner, back to the hotel, soaking in the hot tub and stitching till bed time. I shall post about Sat and sun is getting late

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Lelia said...

Sounds like you got a lot of shopping and stitching done ; )

Lovely exchange! Looking forward to hearing about the rest ...