Saturday, February 03, 2007

October Sampler

October Sampler
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A freebie by Passion Broderie. I know it is February, But technically this has been "done" for over a year. Here is the full story: I first saw this as a finished picture on the now defunct Xstitch freebie website , it's still up just no longer added to or maintained. I loved this website to see how you could finish freebies (which is usually just a photocopy without a color picture). and cruised it often. Well since I could no longer find this freebie online, I contacted the original stitcher who kindly sent me the pattern. I decided it would look great on some green fabric with this hand dyed fiber that Aniza sent me long ago. Unfortunately I ran out of the thread on the bottom row. I tried to contact Aniza (who is in Malaysia) with no luck, then just put it away while I tried to figure out what to do. At the Pidgen Forge retreat, I took it with me to see if Brenda (our local dyer) could recreate the thread. But before that happened, my brilliant tarheels said "why don't you just do your initials and/or date in a solid color that matches" DUH. why didn't I think of that? See this is why we need stitching groups. So others help solve problems what you are too close to a project to see.
Well yesterday I pulled out some graph paper, thread, and an hour later....DONE.

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Margaret said...

Looks great! Wonderful solution to your thread problem.