Thursday, February 08, 2007

We have a sky

Sky in Baby room
Originally uploaded by Stitching scientist.

as I edge into my 6th month I am noticing more and more that the blogs I read (majority of them about cross stitching) are almost all authored by folks with no children. I am guessing this is because stitchers with children probably barely have time to stitch much less blog. So in deference to my childless readers, so as not to bore you out of your mind with isn't she cute posts, I will try to only post about my baby once every 3 stitching posts Deal?

On the upside of that is that all our baby room prep is about crafting/painting. As you can see from the picture the main part of the sky is done. Ian took 3 original shades of paint and about 4 hours to do the whole room. He used a big brush in a technique I guess is best described as stippling. I think it came out much better than I had hoped for, there is shading and depth and it already looks like a real sky, and clouds are still to come. The ceiling will be done as well in the darker blue tones. Ian is already shopping about for the shades of green we need for the grass.


Trish said...

Lot of stitchers with kids around... some of us have big kids. Mine have all moved out! WOO HOO!!

Room looks great!

xsquared said...

I like seeing all the parts of your life, stitching-related or not :)

The sky looks great - can't wait to see the progress!

claudia said...

I have kids...they are groen, but still live with me! I want to hear about your baby all you want to talk about her/him.

The sky looks great! What a lucky child to have parents who are so artistic. I can't wait to watch the progress on the room.

claudia said...

I just wish I could spell!

Kendra said...

2 kids here, one of which is just 3 months old. :-)

I've found that my stitching and my blogging have definitely decreased since she came along...but I still try to do a little bit of both when I get a chance.

Like claudia, I'd love to hear about your little one as much as you want to talk about him/her. I'm a sucker for little ones!

Heidi said...

The sky looks great! I am eager to see this room finished, its going to look great I think. :o)

As a mom of two small girls, I get plenty of stitching in I think. I stitch at naptime and after they are tucked into bed. :o)

bunnyhead said...

Beautiful paint job!

I'm a mom to 3 girls (ages 9, 6 and 4) and I have 2 nieces (ages 5 and 1) and a nephew (age 7) that I watch during the day. Sounds crazy every time I type that out. I stitch at the end of the day after all the little ones have left and/or settled into bed! :)

Margaret said...

Wow I love the sky!!!

Anonymous said...

The baby's room is looking great! Ian is doing a wonderful job. I like the sea turtle. See you soon.