Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Can't see the forest for the paint

A forest on the wall
Originally uploaded by Stitching scientist.

Ian painted the ceiling yesterday, but I haven't taken a photo of that yet. I thought I would entertain you with his version of a forest that was done last week. It is a bit dark, but he promises it will get lighter as he moves forward and down. To answer some of your comments, no Ian is not a painter, just a self taught sketcher. Normally he does pencil sketches, and accents them with color or a bit of paint. He has never to my knowledge painted anything larger than a sheet of 8x11 paper. His "real" job is an aircraft mechanic, but like me has NUMEROUS hobbies (currently I can count 7 for him and 7 for me, see below) and this doesn't include the dozens we have both tried and stopped over the years. We have so many hobbies that our 3rd bedroom is technically called the Craft Room and is where we throw guests to stay overnight (there is a futon, so no, they don't have to sleep on the big piles of fabric). In fact both of us go far out of our way to avoid aquiring new hobbies because what we have takes up so much time/ money already...It is one of those things that made us wait so long to have a child, we really don't want to give these things up but know that time/money spend on a child will force us do ditch at least most of them for about 18 years.

Hobby List for Me:
Cross stitch
Jewelry making
Candle making

Hobby List for Ian:
RC helicopter
Auto Mechanics
Flying (real airplanes)
Is Xbox a hobby?

Let's just say if we won the lottery neither of us would ever get bored.


claudia said...

Ian is so talented! Beautiful mural!!!!!

Heidi said...

Oh how gorgeous! That is one lucky baby! Can't wait to see the rest. :o)

Margaret said...

It is looking so cool!

Jenna said...

WOW! Ian is very talented. He's doing a wonderful job on the mural. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the paitings. What a great idea! Ann.