Monday, February 12, 2007

15 minutes of fame

Ok not for me, but the next best thing ...a relation! My crafty cousin Betsy was on Martha Stewart. You can check out her blog here. and a link to the video clip from this past Friday's Martha here it is the teacup pincushion clip. It will be up for 2 weeks. Is it just me or is Martha looking a bit fluffy? She also has a book coming out this year (Betz, not Martha), they all involve projects using felted wool. Someday I'll have to try out a couple of her crafts.


claudia said...

That's neat! I watched the video, except that my computer wouldn't get all the audio through properly, I got the main points of the craft. It also lead to me finding the recipe for bath bombs, which my daughter and I have been looking for...well at least a simple recipe. Thanks for that!

Anna van Schurman said...

Did you know that she shows up in the new issue of Adorn magazine too?