Saturday, February 04, 2006

Cold Turkey Report -Week 1

Man this sucks more than I thought. Not only have I not stitched a single X in 5 days, I was suffering thru PMS at the same time. I think Ian may kill me.
On the up? side I have been reading alot of papers and trying to get back into my research (I hate research, I just want to teach) writing down main points and preparing to write out my whole discussion...I promised my advisor my first draft by friday 2/10...wish me luck.

Today I am taking a break...I read all the blogs I missed this week (took me 2-3 hours!) and will start my St. Patty's day exchange tonight. Next weekend I will get to stitch for 48 hours straight, which brings me to the SBQ of the week:

With the exception of your online stitching friends, do you have any other stitching buddies?
I am very happy to say a resounding yes to this statement. I was very lucky when I started stitching again (two years ago) and got online that I found the Tarheel stitchers. This is a group of ladies from all over NC (although a majority are in the central section) that get together on average once a month at a stitchers house on a Saturday to stitch. We range in ages 30ish (I am one of the youngest) to over 60. and once a year we have a sleep over (that is next weekend).

I wish to leave you this week with a funny quote from Ian:
"If this parking lot was filled with cross stitch I wouldn't complain about you wanting to look."
(I was whining about him wanting to do look at a big duelie Dodge Ram short bed with a rack and 4 doors V8 blah blah blah...)


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Nik said...

I found your site through BlogExplosion and was drawn to the "Stitching Scientist" headline. I, too, am a stitching scientist...but I knit instead. It's cool other people's crafty work, even if it isn't knitting.