Saturday, February 18, 2006


Yes, thank you.
I won't go into a whole lot of detail because I would never want the person I would speak bad of to read this...and as I learned early on in life, If you don't want the world to know something then don't write it down (or blog it).
Let me just say this, I know someone who is living MY dream and they are seemingly sabotaging themselves every step of the way, wasting the opportunity that has been presented to them. It pisses me off and makes me want to cry.

Anyway back to stitching here is Santa 5 days later,. My bear has arms, but I am becoming tired of it again and may go to something else for a bit.
Here is the other project I started It is Moon and Stars By Little House Needleworks
It is going fast and it is my first design using Cresent Colors floss, It is more subtle in shading than WDW.

Moon and Stars
Originally uploaded by Stitching scientist.

Finally I came up with a question for the Question of the week , and here it is: Comment on your comments (giving and receiving): Do you love comments or hate them? Do you check them every day, never check them, or find them helpful? And finally, are you convinced no one is reading your blog if you don’t get any? Of course I asked this cause I am obsessed with comments nd wanted to know if other stitching bloggers felt the same. I am really kind of sad in this department, I will check my blog often just to see if anyone is reading. I don't really care what is said, even if it is only"Thats looks great".. It is interesting that my personal posts doesn't recieve as much feed back as my stitching posts. I find that I am more apt to comment on others blogs in response to the personal issues rather than a stitching progress post. And finally even though I am blogging for myself, I AM convinced no one is reading my blog if there are no comments...I need one of those visit counters.


Lnanaa said...

I may not have commented much but I have been reading your blog and enjoyed watching your progress in stitching.

Keep blogging and stitching! :)

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Your blog is on my watch list and I read it often (several times a week) it's very fun, but some days I either don't have time or just can't seem to focus my mind enough to leave comments. Will comment more for you in the future :-). I have the same Little House design and all the threads but no fabric yet. What did you use? CJ

Anonymous said...

The moon is looking very bright in your second project...great colours! And well done on your bear progress. Ann.

Anna van Schurman said...

Don't forget that even though it's your dream, it is the other person's life. :) (Happy?)

Nancy in IL said...

Love that bear, Heather! You've done a lot since I last saw him, but when you get tired of it, it's a good idea to move on, and you can't beat Little House Needleworks designs for a nice break. Look forward to seeing this one done :)

Litla Skvís said...

Thanks for the SBQ :D

I can understand you being tired of your big project. Take a break from it, do something small, easy and fun :o)

Elizabeth Munson said...

Well i guess your little sister needs to leave you a comment becuase i read your blog all the time and never leave you a comment!! NEVER FEAR YOUR LITTLE SISTER IS HERE! :) that rimes! HAHAH.. okay ill stop. i like the moon i might want one of those. is it a hard one? im almost done with the bookmark!

okay stop reading the comments and get back to your $#^&@ thesis because i want to see my big sister graduate.

love you