Monday, November 07, 2005

Longish post...eventful weekend

Green Man
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Ian and I went to the Carolina Renaissance Festival with two friends yesterday. I love going every year. It is a huge event that rund for 6-7 weekends in Oct and early Nov. I first went in 1997 when I was working at Thunderbird YMCA in Charlotte as an environmental educator. I went alone and I loved it. Later when we moved here to Greensboro, I dragged Ian along (2001) and he loved it too...being a big fan of good beef jerky helps. We been going every year, and enjoy the new acts and wares. I tend to spend too much when I go so this year I had it planned out ahead of time. I bought earrings to match a necklace I got last year, a head wreath/garland (which I debate about every year) and a "commemorative" pilsner glass (I get one every year...soon Ian will have to make a display for them). The nice thing about going every year is that you can be frugal and space out your purchases. I kinda like the habit of scoping out the things I might like to get next year, and since the vendors are often the same (a little turnover keeps things interesting) I have little fear that it wont be there next year. And if something is gone...well then I wasn't meant to have it (I am very fatalistic when it comes to non life sustaining purchases). One of these days I want to make a costume and go in full regalia.

In other news a friend from NY flew in with a airplane that needed some repairs (he is a pilot) and we were able to have dinner with him saturday night and last night. He is debating wether o not to move his family here to NC or to Austin, TX. We tried our best to get him to move here. But we shall see.

I finished my Nov flip it but need to go out and get some ribbon to finish it tonight. I found some fabric for the back on friday...but it isn't thanksgiving or leafy fabric like I had wanted. I hate that they snatch the seasonal things away right before you need them and put out the christmas stuff before you are ready. I wish I had a store twith there seasonal stuff up year round, so for example, I could get fourth of july stuff now... I bet Joann's has it in the back somewhere just hoarding it till next year. I plan on starting the last one Dec next then on to the afgan for a bit.

But while I was in Joann's I saw the cutest wall quilt, I once tried quilting but that is a story and a project for another time. These sets that they have are a block a month series with the fabric already cut ...I may try it some day just to get started...but at $10 a month right now I can't afford it....maybe in Jan.

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