Monday, November 28, 2005

Doing much better, thank you

Ahhh I feel better, After my huge vent, I decided to take some of the $$ I was saving for a new laptop (my old Gateway 98 has to go) and dog training, and use it for christmas. It's not alot but it got me happy(er). I guess the saving will wait till January HA!

So Thanksgiving breakdown:
Thursday: we were invited to Ian's friends house in Raleigh Durham, and he got a Boston Market turkey and fixings. I thought I would help heat the turkey...when I asked him if he had a baster and he replied "only if some one left it here" I knew I would have to take over. A bunch of his friends (10 altogether) came over and all played Xbox while I heated and preped everything. I didn't mind at all, but I would of liked a "do you need some help?" or a "thank you". Oh well. I am very grateful that no one ate my pumpkin pie till I tried a piece...It seems some one completely missed adding the sugar, hmmm. I have never trashed a whole pie before. I hope this means all my christmas cookies will be perfect.

Friday: Ian and I went to the Craftmans Classic Fair. If you live in the NC, SC, or VA, I highly recommend you look to see if it is by you and go. We had a great time. I got a few gifts for a few folks.

Saturday: Ian decided to take the day off. I pulled out all the xmas decor and Ian put lights up outside. We put that plastic stuff over the drafty windows to hopefully help with the winter bills . I also finished painting some gifts for a few unnamed people

Sunday: I finished decorating the house, and even did the mantle for the first time. I finished 4 christmas ornaments and just need cording for the 5th. Maybe I shall post pictures soon.

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