Sunday, May 16, 2010

What the stitch is going on (3 of 3): Our Homemade Play Kitchen

I am posting this separately from my usual stuff because I know there are parents out there who research how to make one of these (cause that was me). Two of my favorites that we used for inspiration are here and here.

I wanted to get A. a play kitchen, and most out there are a) plastic or b) wood and expensive!.  Ian has a pretty big wood shop with some nice equipment so we figured we could alter a set of kitchen cupboards or an entertainment center like the two examples above.  We looked around for a bit but did not find anything that fit the bill.  Than one day i came home from work and Ian had started one from scrap-wood:

kitchen scaffolding

It slowly progressed, Ian found a wire shelf from target that he cut into many small shelves:

getting there

I went around to Habitat for Humanity and get the faucet, hinges, and handles. I found the "sink" at a thrift store, it was a small wok that we cut the handles off of.:
she might like it

One other special thing Ian did was cut/route the stove knobs out of one piece of wood:
machine carved knobs

Then it got doors and a paint job (We used leftover paint from my kitchen) Ian did a great job and A. loves it!:
All done!
close up

The thing ways a ton! but it only cost us about $40-50!.
Some cute video:


Anna van Schurman said...

Awesome. And adorable video.

Real Live Woman said...

That is a terrific kitchen!

Sharon said...

It came out wonderfully! She looks so cute with it.

Pam said...

You are very lucky that you have a handy husband who can make something like that. It looks great. A is a very lucky girl.

Daffycat said...

How totally awesome is that? You & DH deserve a big round of applause!

Abi said...

That is awesome! Where do I place my order? :) The sink idea is genius!

Robin said...

What a lbaor of love and an adorable little kitchen. I can see it being passed down to grand-daughters!