Thursday, May 13, 2010

What the stitch is going on? (1 of 3)

Who gets into these funks of not posting a darn thing for weeks and then has a ton of stuff to share? THIS GUY!   I think what I will have to do is bullet-list stuff for you with the photos.  Part 1: Cross stitching

1. Got my Early Ornament Exchange yesterday from the HOE group, Malinda stitched me Emmanuel for Plum Street samplers...isn't it great?!  In other news I sent mine off and will post it when it gets to its destination.
.christmas ornament exchange

2. I finished the black outlining shading of Grand Old Duke, I will be filling in color next:IMG_0389

3. Most of my stitch time in April was taken up by the EGA 17th century mystery sampler I told you we were all doing together.  See band 2 had 2 new(to me) stitches...the montenegrin and the detatched buttonhole (center of the flowers) We are working from the bottom up, which is a bit weird. But in overachiever news, I was the only one to finish my band by the May meeting. Booyah!


4. and lastly, you all remember the needle book I stitched for a giveaway, well here it is finished (NOT FINISHED BY ME, I could never do this good a job) in its basket with some other smalls awaiting their friends.


Part 2 will have all the non stitch related stuff in my life. Part 3 will be a special post about my crafty woodworky husband.


saras said...

who did your finishing? that's awesome! how are the turtles coming? I actually have a top and bottom shell stitched, and fabric bought to finish it, just haven't had the nerve to try it yet! Hopefully, I'll get one turtle done before Sue's...but we'll see!

Karen said...

Great stitchy stuff! Love the needlebook...the finsihing is great and love that basket!

Kathy said...

Your stitching is just beautiful. I love the basket of smalls. Just exquisite.