Friday, May 28, 2010

Turnaround time 43 hours

Christmas exchange sent
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So I was up in Pgh this past week to visit family and help/attend my best friends shower. I took A up all by myselfin a car (7-8 hour drive) following some advice from other travelers I left at 3 am and was able to get 6 hours before A was awake enough to be bothered with entertainment (THANK god for DVDs). unfortunately she got carsick about 20 minutes from our destination (my new car may be a bit more nauseating). but we got that cleaned up and our trip back was uneventful thanks to some dramamine. So we got in at noon wed, my mom came down yesterday to wath A for the weekend because I am leaving today for the Sue Hillis' stitch-in in Richmond in 20 minutes.
I will not have my computer but will be tweeting when I can.

the photo is of the christmas exchange that I sent to Natasha (currently I cannot find her blog) It is by Midnight Stitching... a freebie called Moonlight Serenade..I think. Dang I gotta go, I'll correct that later, my mom is asleep in my stitching room so i can't look it up.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Lee said...

Have fun at your retreat! And I love the little snowman ornie.

Cathy said...

Thank you so much for posting that about dramamine! Our kids get sick in stop-and-go traffic and I NEVER thought to give them motion sickness meds. Duh. I have some left over from the cruise and will definitely be giving them some before we go today. Thank you!!

Chiloe said...

Have fun at the stitching ! Lucky you.

Love the ornie ♥

Carolyn NC said...

Cute ornie - enjoy your stitching time!