Friday, May 14, 2010

What the stitch is going on? (2 of 3)

So in non-stitchy news:
1. Annabeth has been walking better everyday and now does not need to hold on to anyone unless stairs or a curb is involved.   But her physical therapist noticed that her flat-feet (inherited from mom and dad) and severe pronation (walking on her instep) was probably holding her back. And  her balance was really crappy, she is always tripping and falling (and she is not like a boy, she does NOT like falling).  So we got fancy new braces in mid-April, to help her grow into proper position.  Ian and I both had orthopedics as kids, but we did not get them till we were 6 or 7. They called them cookies, but the trip to the orthopedist was always disappointing.  She is already walking with more obvious heel toe action,  a wider stride, and a bit better on balance.  Here she is a couple of days after we got them:

2. It is strawberry season here! There is a field about 10 min from the house and we went strawberry picking for the first time (Annabeth's first. I've been doing it since I was her age)...and I remembered my camera!

3rd and final post is coming very soon!

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