Thursday, June 03, 2010

Memorial Day Stitch-in

I am back and it is taking a bit to get into the swing of things.  A. turned 3 on Tuesday and her party is planned for Saturday.  She has been having big tantrums for the past few days. Best case scenario-she missed me, worst case- she has begun the terrible 2s, which would not be a surprise since she has only recently been able to assert her independence. I guess terrible 2s is a bad name for this lovely phase, it should be called the I-want-to-do-everything-on-my-own-but-am-to-small-to phase.  Example, yesterday I asked her to go to the potty before we watched a DVD, she walked into the bathroom and began to take her potty apart and throw it around the bathroom while crying and screaming.  Yeah--I left and made some phone calls till it was over.

But that is totally off subject.  I had a great time at the retreat, 3 of us drove up together to the Marriott in Richmond, and we stitched from friday afternoon until monday morning. There was also great shopping involved. We had a BBQ at Sue's Sat afternoon,  a visit to Cross Stitch Station in Waynesboro, VA where I got some stuff, and a visit Feathernester's for Tea on Sunday.  Cross stitch station was way to small for the 70+ folks who visited so I couldn't get the fabric i wanted. But the other 2 ladies I was with agreed to make a side trip on the way home to Haus Tirol in Williamsburg, VA where they have fabric coming out their ears!

I took my camera but did not take many pictures...I never do it seems.  But here is my purchased haul:
Bought goodies

A short list : 3 pairs of scissors (I know!) 2 decorative (squirrel and a witch) and 1 gingher (my first), a lot of fabric, some really nice felt and wool for needlebooks and finishing, Catherine Jordan Designs: Animals rule, and Quaker necklace. Prarie Schooler: Tortoise and the Hare, Tristan Brooks Designs: Elizabethan stitching accessories, Bent Creek: the Littles-Santa, and The Branch-Birdhouse, Olde Colonial Designs: Turtle Needlebook, and Homespun Slegance: Snow much Joy.    I bought 5 of these patterns BECAUSE i saw the models stitched up on site, I know I am preaching to the choir here, but i love shopping in person SOO much better than online.

But Folks that is not all!  Here is the stuff I got for free!: Free goodies

 and that pic doesn't include stuff I did not want!  Some came from the goodie bag that Sue gave us,  better this year that last time (in 08).   Lots of charts, full kits, and even had the peacock needle minder you can see in the photo by the floss.  The rest I acquired from the swap table, including  several  Crossstitch and Needlework mags which i was very impressed with.   I have let my JCS subscription run out and now just get Sampler and Antique Needlework quarterly, now i may have another to add .  No classes this time, we did get an exclusive kit (pink kit top center) that i will stitch someday ;)

I know you are wondering what I stitched, well I did a tiny bit on Quaker Turtles, but mostly I worked on the Alphabet Blocks that I got halfway done and stalled on about a year ago.  I finished the stitching there and assembled them last night:

assembling blocks

here they are with the recipients name in variegated floss, and the other sides (8 blocks total)
look what they spell!the other sides

I was also able to start the Catherine Jordan necklace (my first over 40 count!), I hope to have that finished within the next 2 days. It is being offered as a class at Stitching Jubilee.   So I should be posting again soon.
Happy Stitching!


saras said...

love the squares! Great job!

Lee said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful retreat! Great shopping, great stitching, and some good food...Perfect.

Don't worry about the terrible twos too much. It'll pass before you know it.

Anna van Schurman said...

What an impressive finish! Those blocks are wonderful treasures!

saras said...

I used one thread on Sue's project... why can't I find your email?! LOL