Sunday, April 18, 2010

Random stitching update

I am still here and doing a little stitching.  Here is my progress on Grand Old Duke, I have the black about 3/4 done:
Grand old Duke 4/19

My baby sampler, both trees done, and i started the leaves:
Baby sampler 4/19

And finally I need your opinion on this fabric I picked up as a single fat quarter at Anglewing Needlearts on my last vacation.  I was thinking of making it into something for my husband -It makes him giggle (me too) but i don't know what ...I want to keep it as intact as possible.  A bag? a box pouch? a pillow? The picture is showing about a 1/8 of the piece, the print is big.

fun fabby


Mylene said...

You have made a great progress on Grand Old Duke.

Have a nice week!

FayeRaye said...

Dont you just love AngleWing??? I fell in love with it too and now drive up from Cherry Grove SC to visit them! Very unique atmosphere..Find Tommye there and tell her Faye says hello~~

Lee said...

That fabric is too funny! Does he pack a lunch for work? It'd make a great lunch bag.

Anonymous said...

A pillow would be very great, and you wouldn't have to cut in's a gorgeous fabric! Ann