Thursday, September 03, 2009

Stitching journal

stitching journal
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This is the fire under my butt right now. I have been rifling thru my flickr account and my blog and getting people to take pictures of stuff I gave them YEARS ago. I found some clearance albums at Borders headed to Ritz photos and BAM stitching journal. Right now I am going on memory and written info from my blog. So I just have the pattern name and when it was done/finished written under the photos. and in gift or exchanges who it was given to. In the future I may include more detail...fabric choices, changes etc. I am up to 2006/7 and am on my 2nd journal.


Anna van Schurman said...

Great job. Want to help me get past 1997 in my journal?

Abi said...

Great job! I write all the info on my online gallery. If I ever lose that info, I'll go insane. Perhaps I should write them down somewhere.

I love the black and silver. :)