Friday, September 04, 2009

Journaling done

Yeah believe it or not I finished my journals last night...I tell ya when I want something done, it gets done! One problem i ran into though, as I was listing christmas ornaments i had done and flipping thru my old JCS mags to find the names and designers, I found more that I want to do. How many more you ask? 9. ugh. and this I decide 1 month before the new one is about to come out. HA!

But to tell you the truth I discovered a few things doing my photo of those things is that i really love doing ornaments and littles much more than the bigger projects. My favorite stitching group ever was when I joined and participated in the Ornament Round Robin back in 2005, where you bought enough fabric and floss for one ornament for your entire group and passed that around with each person stitching their own ornament. I loved that, I got to stitch ones i would of never done on my own due to cost or appearance..but you know what? I love each one of those 6 ornaments. and the 2004 issue is one of my favorites because of it. The group is now defunct (at least no one has posted there to start a group in years!, i was the last to ask about one in '07) , and I regret only being able to do it that one time. I remember Dani was in my group that year. If anyone knows of another group that does this style of round robin let me know.

I think I will be kitting and stitching a few ornaments in the next week or so, maybe even try my hand at a halloween one or two.

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