Thursday, September 24, 2009

Christmas Puppy

Christmas Puppy
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Another ornament! Here is 2006's Brittercup's Christmas ornament, over one with the called for threads. While I was doing this one my new 2009 JCS ornament mag arrived. and while I do not have the time or patience to do a full review of the mag like the Stitch Bitch , I do have a few thoughts:

  • Over all I like this year better than last, there were very few phoned in designs this time.
  • Lots of folks are complaining about the new layout...for me, meh, I could care less either way.
  • I am happy to see Cindy and David Morrill from The Stitchworks back in the mag. They were my first real local LNS when I lived in Tulsa. While they often get out shined by The Silver Needle and resident artist Just Nan who are across the street, Cindy is one of the sweetest ladies in the industry and I always think of her fondly.
  • I do wish they told the designers about moving the recipes. I feel bad everytime I read "I hope you enjoy this recipe!" and it's not there. I would of thought that could of been a quick editorial fix.
  • Is it just me or the longer you look at them the more you want to stitch? I bet if I could see them in person I would want to do even more. (My In-laws LNS up in Hyde Park, NY, Deer Hill Farm, usually has most of the ornaments stitched up by some of her customers and on display in the store. My goose would be cooked- and broke- if I lived there).
  • First run thru I see 5 I will definitely want to stitch,
  1. Angel Stitchen Santa's Buddies...even though there is only one buddy..but he is cute!)
  2. It's Fine-ally Finished's Mistletoad, which is confusing since it isn't explained.. but I'll just leave off the charm.
  3. Thistle Thread's Snowglobe...although I have no idea how I will ever justify buying those over priced Tokens and Trifles perforated paper Trinkets thingies
  4. Courtney Collection's Twitter Blue...which means I'll have to do the red one from last year.
  5. Cherished stitches' Christmas Joy Needlebook.


Doris said...

oh,this christmas puppy is so cute!

quietgirl255 said...

Woo Hoo! Saw you are a winner in Ann's contest!